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Termii — Cash Wallet

What you should expect from the cash wallet feature, how it works, and why it is important for your business.

We all may be familiar with the term wallet technology as it fast becoming popular every day. For want of a better understanding — the wallet technology acts as a virtual wallet that can be preloaded with your preferred amount of money from your bank account or credit card and used to purchase online.

What You Should Expect

Termii has quite a variety of features businesses use in verifying payments and communicating with their customers — Verification (SMS, voice, email. Whatsapp tokens, number, and network search) Insights (engagement, personality, everything you need to understand your customers’ behavior) and Personalized Messaging pushed through multiple instant messaging channels.

Before now, a customer triggers payments separately for each feature depending on the services he is paying for. The wallet system will, however, combine payments of all these features into a single wallet. In other words, it is in form of a virtual wallet, which can be preloaded with your preferred amount of money from your bank or credit/debit cards and simply used to pay for any of our services. For example, if you need to purchase SMS units and Whatsapp tokens, all you have to do is credit your Termii wallet account and easily pay from your account at once.

Special Features

The cash wallet will offer:

  • Single wallet for messaging (SMS, voice, and instant messaging)
  • Automated (crypto) payment top-up for all customers
  • Transaction spend history with export option
  • Local currencies for Nigerian customers, while all other countries would be charged in USD.
  • Mobile money payment for Ghanaian customers
  • Individual wallet account numbers for Nigerian customers
  • Access to directly top up your account by transferring to the account number.

How to use the Termii Cash wallet?

To use this wallet,

  1. Login to Termii account
  2. On your dashboard, click the “Fund Wallet” button or click the “wallet” button on the menu bar on the left side of your dashboard, and select “Top up” in the drop-down menu.

3. For Nigerian customers, on the page that appears, click on the

“Get account number” button,

Our system will automatically generate virtual account numbers, which could be from any of these three — PAGA, Sterling Bank, and WEMA Bank. These account numbers are then tied to your Termii wallet after which you can automatically top up your account via direct transfers to the assigned account number.

NB: Please note, that you are required to input your BVN and the corresponding date of birth to generate your dedicated account number, according to new CBN regulations. If, however, you want to decline at this point, you can make a direct transfer to our Termii Sterling Bank account number displayed, and make sure to send proof of payment instantly via online chat or dedicated support groups.

Advantages of this Cash Wallet System

  • Money is stored according to your requirement and you don’t have to share your card details frequently. So, your money is safe.
  • Ensures timely payment: You can also make use of the auto crypto payment top-up for all customers to make future bill payments automatically from your wallet balance

Digitalizing money offers several advantages and benefits; it’s more secure, convenient, and speeds up transactions. By building this feature, we have incorporated all the benefits and advantages our customers could leverage for a smooth messaging experience on Termii.

Signup on to start using this feature, or send a mail to for more information.

Cecilia Abegunde, Growth Associate Termii Inc.



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