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TrackAm: Providing Security Solutions to Families and Organizations Worldwide

TrackAm Technologies Limited is a Lagos-based startup that has created and is still creating web-based and mobile security applications that use location sharing and emergency alerts to help users secure their loved ones and rescue them in times of distress. The award-winning application primarily targets youth (rape, police brutality insecurities, etc.) and family safety. Its users add their preferred contacts, and they get notified whenever they are in trouble which is triggered by a single click or shaking of their phone. The solution is free for the basic features, but additional features are charged.

User safety and sending timely emergency alerts are the core for TrackAm as its solution relies heavily on a fast and reliable user-based notification delivery. They, therefore, needed zero downtimes in message delivery; an SMS service provider that reliably delivers to DND numbers; has wide coverage across Africa and the US where most of its users are based; a platform that is easy to integrate via gateways, service dashboard, and API, and one that has a responsive and proactive customer service to resolve issues promptly.

Termii’s cross-channel messaging which guarantees the delivery of messages by automatically routing them to alternative channels solves message delivery issues for TrackAm, ensuring its users get emergency alerts on the go without any form of restriction.

Termii’s global coverage to major cities across and beyond Africa also makes it easy for TrackAm to reach its users across Africa and the US with ease. The simple API documentation also ensured a smooth and quick integration to the application within minutes, saving precious time.

Based on Termii’s unique search API, the network and number insight helps TrackAm detect a user's accurate mobile network and DND status feature, which provides an accurate overview of its customers rather than reaching them blindly.

We’ve seen a 33.3% increase in delivery rate, 15% increase in customer satisfaction — Zenith Wogwugwu, Co-Founder & CTO TrackAm Nigeria

Termii’s fast SMS delivery is improving TrackAm’s user engagement and helping it to scale, keeping its name as the Best Citizen Safety App of 2019 (by NaijaHacks, Africa’s biggest hackathon).

The future

TrackAm’s mission is to be an all-round solution to insecurity which would evolve to include producing hardware security devices for kids, the elderly, and the disabled, as well as using AI to aggregate information from different sources to provide safety insights and alerts to its users

Further future plans include using toll-free USD/messaging in making the solution available to members of the community who do not have access to smartphones.

Thanks to integrating to Termii’s innovative messaging platform, TrackAm users can be confident of their safety as they communicate step-by-step procedures on what to do in emergency situations.

Cecilia Abegunde

Digital Support Termii Inc.



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