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Well hello people! How are we going? I hope you haven’t missed me. Oh come on! I know I’m kissable and lush but please don’t let the others find out! Ok J.D.? Whoops!

So I have not been purposeful WHATSOEVER! I am ONE LAZY KVNT!

So both parents are dead, my oldest sister died, I spewed hatred towards my two brothers who failed to notify me of my mother’s funeral (I had no idea of her sickness and ultimate demise) and on another sick and brutal level I have been grossly feeling bitter sadness for the wild animals captured, beaten then put into cages (around) in Eastern Europe and the Ukraine.

As one could fathom I am not in a prose party gown though the gong for submission is rather prosaic.

Thanks to all of you my clan of scribblers! I adore you!

Mimi Bordeaux




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Mimi Bordeaux

Mimi Bordeaux

Renegade of prose_+ creation of the troubled mentor-= abyss sinking memory flowing through subconscious mind: it's the dreamland coming:+

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