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ArtRock Air Hair Day

Please read-important information..

Photo by Alexandra Marta on Unsplash

Hi hello ciao bonsoir good day/night! How are you folks? I know this comes out of nowhere usually at the end of a good writing session just to irritate you and make sure you remember to always use your apostrophes ok? Good.

So Boys Grrls tell me all. What’s happening. Have you noticed ArtRock being mentioned in a couple of features. Nice to be recognised for hard labour. More people are begging me to come stay here forever! I have to turn them down= we don’t do articles here nor non fuction. Read the bloody blog dick!

Chelsea what you up to and Mark Tulin come back= write something for me please!

Submission Guidelines: you must use pen, paper and quill if necessary to be in this pub. Titles must be titles not sentences. Subtitles should be smaller but much cuter so add daisies around it. Length hmm..about the length of a Great White Shark, that should do nicely. Ok any questions kids?

Cheers, Mimi Bordeaux: Owner writer editor of ArtRock



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Mimi Bordeaux

Mimi Bordeaux


Renegade of prose_+ creation of the troubled mentor-= abyss sinking memory flowing through subconscious mind: it's the dreamland coming:+