A Poem

Undress Me

First with your eyes

Ann Marie Steele
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2 min readDec 30, 2023


Photo by Kurt Francois on Unsplash

Undress me first
with your eyes — caress
me with fervent glances,
gaze into my soul
with your brazen intent —
disarm my doubts
with your desire

graze your fingers
across my cheek
making me blush
with anticipation
fill me with your insight

peer into my amber eyes,
kindle flickers of my longing,
like golden embers —
titillate my lips
as we kiss, firing sparks
beneath my skin

tuck my wild tresses
behind my ears,
as you cradle my
sacred face in
divine worship

take my silken straps
between your lips,
slip them off slowly,
let them drop to the floor
disrobing my secrets
my smoldering desire



Ann Marie Steele

I write about love and loss, what I observe and experience — I write about hope. My writing has been described as resiliently defiant.