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Bapes NFT Collection

With multiple new NFT collections mushrooming daily, there are only a few bluechip ones that are worth getting into. It’s always important to learn about an NFT project before investing time and money into one, and we think the BAPES collection is worth it.

Source: @bapesclan Twitter

BAPES is the first metavestor club dedicated to empowering crypto native companies, who are forged in the metaverse. The name Bapes comes from business apes. It was founded by successful investors who have backgrounds in a variety of super diverse industries.

Some of their project ambassadors are NFL player Cam Jordan, founder of E! Entertainment TV Larry Namer, CEO of Star Jets Ricky Sitomer and Grammy-nominated songwriter Andrew Fromm

In mid-February 2022, 10,000 BAPES will be introduced in a presale to whitelisted members. There won’t be any public sale from their end as it is 100% white list only.


The BAPES clan aims at purchasing a 24×24 plot on the Sandbox. A luxurious BAPES mansion with various amenities such as BAPES commercial district, residential area, hotel, airport and a massive mall will be constructed for the community in the metaverse.

The BAPES mall will have commercial businesses of various globally famous brands.

Every BAPES NFT holder will have a share in the metaverse project as it is a collective investment made by the BAPES fund, essentially a DAO. (Click here to read “What is a DAO?”)

After achieving this, their next target is investing on the BAPES planet. Their goal is to acquire a whole planet in Somnium Space.

This exclusive planet, for BAPES NFT holders, allows them to build, evolve, connect and earn in the BAPES planet. As the founders of Somnium Space and BAPES share a deep relationship, the BAPES clan get the opportunity to buy an ultra-rare world.

Land in Somnium Space


BAPES Fund I is made up from primary as well as secondary sales of BAPES NFT and from successful return on investments. It will be publicly announced and made available on the block chain.

The BAPES fund I, works as a decentralised autonomous organisation. Here, NFT holders can put forth their own investment opportunity and cast their vote on projects presented by other BAPES NFT holder.

All the strategies for presenting investment opportunities, casting votes, how projects win and receive funding from BAPES fund will be presented.

Source: OpenSea

Since the decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) powers its strategies from the 10,000 clan of BAPES, it solely relays on the “wisdom of the crowd”.

Finally, the BAPES clan will be ready to enter the metaverse. The BAPES clan consists of industry leaders, founders and investors, who are working on developing incredible investment projects that will help establish the biggest names in hotels, aviation, real-estate, automobiles, clothing, and beauty.

The collection sure seems to have a promising future with a lot to give to its NFT holders, but it will still face a lot of competition on its way to success.

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