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From the designer Digimental, the 8192 next-generation high fashion HAPES will surely leave you stunned by their 3D design and style.

Their passion for uniqueness in every ape can be felt as they admire the beauty of each art in their collection. They long to see HAPES as the next-generation high-fashion leaders or as they call it Apefluencers.

This bluechip verified NFT is listed in OpenSea with a floor price of 9.249ETH. There are more than 6100 owners already. You could visit their website to have a sneak peek at their amazing collection.

Road map

Phase I kicked off with the initial drop, and it also focused on releasing HAPE music. The HAPEBEAST Gang Instagram page (@hapebeastgang) has even released some cool promo music to introduce their collection. They will then release their second drop along with a special collection, followed by the HAPEwalk, where you will witness clothing collaborations, HAPE couture, and the runway to fame.

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Arts & Crypto

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