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Wealth Cyborg Club NFT Collection

With more than 250,000 members already in their discord, the WCC has proved to be a large community. As their whitelist cyborgs have already sold out, their public mint is live with only 231 Cyborgs left.

One Cyborg will cost you a minimum of 0.1ETH + gas fee which is pocket friendly compared to other NFTs in the market. Owning 3 such cyborgs will let you access the WCC whales channel and mastermind with 8 figures crypto entrepreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a Belarusian-American entrepreneur Owns 3 WCC whereas Logan Paul, a well known American YouTuber Owns 7 WCC.


  • One lucky member of the Wealth Cyborg Club will have the opportunity to win a Rolex Submariner. A donation of $25,000 will be given to the community
  • A charity donation of $100,000 will also be done on the basis of community vote
  • Once you have acquired the NFT, WCC will organise networking with investors from around the world. Being a WCC owner, you’ll be introduced to private mastermind level of like minded entrepreneurs. This will be a great opportunity to connect with people who have the drive of entrepreneurship

How to get a WCC ?

  • Create your Metamask wallet
  • Purchase some Ethereum (beware of transactions fees, as Ethereum has a higher fees, so include fees while purchasing Ethereum) from exchanges (like Binance, Coinbase or and then send it to your Metamask wallet
  • Go to and then connect your Metamask wallet, and now you will be able to mint your WCC
  • Click on mint now
  • Metamask will popup on your screen, and then approve the transaction

IF the public mint is over, then head upto

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