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⤷ Anatomy Of An Unrealised Project

The Sleep of Goldman — 3D Render
D,D,D, Defense, Defense, Get That Ball! — Cardboard/Collage Model


By the end of October 2008 it was official, both the UK and the US were in recession. In the preceding months, financial behemoths on either side of the Atlantic had either gone to the wall or needed rapid transfusion. The awry jargon of subprime mortgages, collateralised debt obligations and credit default swaps seared through the body politic like a fast killing poison. $40 trillion of equity globally had been eviscerated. This wasn’t merely some cyclical phenomena it was, just as 1929 had been, a capital-C Crash.

Everything In Nothing Outside Nothing Against — 3D Render
Left: Bertelli’s “Profilo continuo del Duce”; Right: The Continious Profile — 3D Render
OXI — Cardboard Model
The National Razor — Sketch
MAGA — Sketch
The Laboratory of The Future — 3D Render
Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Warhol Prince Hirst— Cardboard Model
Public Funds — 3D Render
Surplus and Deficit — 3D Render
Stockholm Syndrome — Cardboard Model
It’s Like Seeing A Guy Show Up At The Soup Kitchen In High Hat And Tuxedo — Cardboard Model
The Statement Is Pointless The Finger is Speechless — Cardboard Model
Private Money — 3D Render
How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin — Clay Maquette
The Anthropocene — Cardboard Model
Utopia — Cardboard Model

Were The Project Stands …

Martin Schoeller’s photograph for a TIME cover story: Aug. 20, 2015



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