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6 Ways to Make Money with NFTs

Start earning today.

1. Create and Sell Your Own NFTs

The first way to make money with NFTs is simply to create your own and sell them on any general marketplace like Opensea or Solanart. This strategy is effective if you are already a pretty well-established artist or person with a large audience of people who you know will want to buy your stuff. To truly build a successful NFT project that resonates with a large number of people is really hard. Most NFT projects lose their value within a month of launching because a lot of this space is hype-driven and when the hype moves to another project, all the money follows it. To make a really successful project also usually requires a team of people with different skill sets such as web design, community building, graphic design, and digital marketing.


2. Buying and Flipping

The next way is more common for people who want to profit from NFTs without going through the hassle of building one themselves. Buying and flipping NFTs is a really easy way to make a lot of money in this space. The idea is that you buy or mint an NFT at a price that you believe is undervalued and sell it for a profit at a higher price.

3. Rent Your NFT

Got an NFT that is just sitting in your wallet collecting digital dust? Well, you can now rent out your NFTs to other people to use for a set period of time. During that time, you set a daily fee that they pay for each day they lease the NFT from you. This method is particularly popular among card trading NFT games, where users who want to boost their chances of winning a game can borrow expensive rare cards at a fraction of the price and enjoy the benefits for a particular amount of time to level up.


4. NFT Gaming


5. NFT Royalties

The technology powering NFTs enables creators to set a smart contract that enforces royalty fees whenever their NFTs are sold on the secondary market. In other words, the creators can continue earning income on their sold NFTs, that is truly passive income.

6. Staking

Just like you can stake certain cryptocurrencies for rewards, you can also stake certain NFTs for tokens that can be sold on the secondary market.


So it should be clear by now that NFTs are more than just jpegs you show off on social media as they can actually be used in many ways to earn you passive income in ways that no other asset can. People everyday are making life-changing amounts of money in this space simply because they have found a method in this list and got really good at it. So with that being said, which one are you going to choose?

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