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The ‘Ethernal Gates’ NFT: Your Golden Ticket to The Future of Art Investing

Find out everything you need to know about the Arts DAO’s upcoming NFT drop

The future of art investing is here, and the Arts DAO is building it. This article serves as your guide to everything you need to know about our upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) drop and how you can get access to the most exclusive NFT art community in Dubai, and eventually, the rest of the world.

What is The Arts DAO?


Co-founded by the hosts of the CryptoSheikhs Podcast–Anas Bhurtun and Danosch Zahedi, the Arts DAO is a fully doxxed team of blue chip NFT and fine art investors and experts who have spent the past year building a large community of senior futurists, artists, collectors, entrepreneurs and creators with the aim of establishing the most premium art community in all of the UAE.

We can confidently say that we have achieved this, and now we want to give the rest of the world unfettered access to this exclusive community, and our upcoming Ethernal Gates NFT drop will serve as your membership card to it.

Who is Kristel Bechara?

As mentioned before, the Arts DAO have built an amazing community of people over the years, and one of them happens to be award-winning contemporary artist Kristel Bechara, who also happens to be the artist behind our upcoming drop.


Kristel Bechara is famous in the UAE for her signature blend of vibrant colours and images and is an embodiment of the perfect bridge between the fine arts and digital art. As a Lebanese, female artist living in Dubai, Kristel Bechara has gained recognition as being a pioneer of NFT art in the Middle East. The image above is one of her signature 1/1 NFT pieces titled “Satoshi Nakamoto”, which sold last year on Foundation for 1.10 ETH ($2,812). Today, the piece is valued at 35 ETH ($89,515). That should tell you the caliber she is operating at.

What is the Ethernal Gates?

So you’ve met our artist. Now it’s time to see the artwork she will be creating for this drop.

The “Ethernal Gates” is going to be a set of generative art which means the final artwork is generated only after the NFT is minted, meaning each one is potentially different and unique. The name “Ethernal” is a play-on-words between ‘Ethereum’ and ‘eternal’ and is also defined as a group of like-minded individuals engaged in a valuable connection, which is exactly what our NFT stands for. Below are some sneak-peeks of what you can expect:

Ethernal Gates NFT #1
Ethernal Gates NFT #2
Ethernal Gates NFT #3

As you can see, Kristel Bechara decided to take a unique approach to her first ever attempt at generative NFT art. As opposed to the traditional method with avatar/profile picture NFT projects that has different backgrounds and clothing items, the Ethernal Gates will have a total of 9 different gates, props and backgrounds within the NFT that will ensure each piece is unique. The gates are symbolic of the entryway to the Arts DAO’s metaverse, while the black and white props are inspired by various terms/symbols in the crypto world such as “whale” and “moon”. In total, there will be 2000 unique NFTs generated in this collection.

If you are looking for more than just beautiful art, the good news is, each Ethernal Gate comes with 8 massive utilities that you can expect as a holder.


If you are still reading, it is likely the artwork has you with one foot through the door, the utility of this NFT however, should ensure you close the door and lock it on your way in. The following are all the benefits you can expect to receive by being a holder of an Ethernal Gate NFT:

Utility #1: Access to a Managed NFT Investment Fund

All holders of the Ethernal Gates NFT get exposure to blue-chip NFTs and seed-stage investments and get fractionalized ownership in these projects through the Arts DAO. Simply put, your investment into our NFT will serve as investment capital for the Arts DAO into projects that will likely appreciate in value over time, meaning the more Ethernal Gates you hold, the higher your percentage share of the profits will be. (More details on this to come).

Utility #2: Members-Only Discord and Whitelisting

Due to our exclusive network and community and growing social media presence (431,021 followers across all platforms), we often collaborate with a number of big NFT projects and receive a limited supply of designated whitelist spots. Getting whitelisted is a pain for most people because it requires a lot of effort and engagement with projects which takes up your valuable time. By holding one of our NFTs you become eligible to receive whitelist spots in new upcoming projects which guaranteed you a cheaper mint price than one offered to the public, which means instant profit for you.

Utility #3: Exclusive Newsletter

Each member gets access to our monthly newsletter with updates and key
information about the markets and top projects which our experts have researched, to stay on top of everything you need to know.

Utility #4: Launchpad

The Arts DAO is building out a “Launchpad” to accelerate what we call
the “diamonds in the rough” projects. And by holding our token you get direct exposure to and access to this.

Utility #5: Voting

In the Arts DAO, your voice and opinion is valued. This is conveyed through allowing holders to participate in decisions for the DAO including what kind of social events to host, and creators and artists which the DAO aims to launch in the Metaverse.

Utility #6: Physical Prints of NFTs

Every month, holders of the NFT will be entitled to participate in a
raffle where one person will have their NFT physically printed in
acrylic and shipped to the member. This is where the digital realm crosses over into the physical.

Utility #7: Discounts on Events

Holders get discounts to other NFT events, with VIP tickets raffled amongst the community.

Utility #8: Premium Membership Events

Last but not least, all holders get access to Arts DAO community events that bring together a network of senior futurists, CEOs, founders, investors and artists all in one place. These events currently are held at premium locations in Dubai, and even include yacht parties (which we have previously already hosted for our community). At these events, you get free food, free drinks, that VIP experience of walking into a 5-star hotel or luxury yacht, and most importantly the delicious neurochemical cocktail of being welcomed by a family who loves each other and wants to see each other win.

How Can I Stay Updated?

It should be evident by now that this is no ordinary NFT collection that you buy and flip, but rather a long-term hold because as the community and Arts DAO investment fund grows, the utilities will get even better, and access will become more exclusive, meaning the value of the token will rise over time.

If you are interested in being part of the Arts DAO community, and staying updated on future announcements including the mint day/price, join our discord by clicking here.

Connect with Us

Follow us here, and on Twitter to get news, and look out for our Discord for deeper connections with the community of futurists, artists, collectors, and creators we have brought together.

Thank You

Thank you for getting involved early in the Arts DAO journey. We are dedicating every moment we have, to building and being part of the evolution of blockchain technology, the NFT space, and art more generally. We look forward to meeting with you either in one of our real-life events or elsewhere in the metaverse!



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