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The ‘Ethernal Gates’ NFT: Your Golden Ticket to The Future of Art Investing

Find out everything you need to know about the Arts DAO’s upcoming NFT drop

What is The Arts DAO?


Who is Kristel Bechara?

As mentioned before, the Arts DAO have built an amazing community of people over the years, and one of them happens to be award-winning contemporary artist Kristel Bechara, who also happens to be the artist behind our upcoming drop.


What is the Ethernal Gates?

So you’ve met our artist. Now it’s time to see the artwork she will be creating for this drop.

Ethernal Gates NFT #1
Ethernal Gates NFT #2
Ethernal Gates NFT #3


If you are still reading, it is likely the artwork has you with one foot through the door, the utility of this NFT however, should ensure you close the door and lock it on your way in. The following are all the benefits you can expect to receive by being a holder of an Ethernal Gate NFT:

How Can I Stay Updated?

It should be evident by now that this is no ordinary NFT collection that you buy and flip, but rather a long-term hold because as the community and Arts DAO investment fund grows, the utilities will get even better, and access will become more exclusive, meaning the value of the token will rise over time.

Connect with Us

Follow us here, and on Twitter to get news, and look out for our Discord for deeper connections with the community of futurists, artists, collectors, and creators we have brought together.

Thank You

Thank you for getting involved early in the Arts DAO journey. We are dedicating every moment we have, to building and being part of the evolution of blockchain technology, the NFT space, and art more generally. We look forward to meeting with you either in one of our real-life events or elsewhere in the metaverse!



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