Introducing Artt Bot from

Artt Bot ladies and gentlemen. Wohoo! After hours and hours of coding, testing and debugging, we have finally launched our first bot.

Artt Bot is a Facebook Messenger bot for selling local artworks. It allows potential buyers to bid on artworks. Users can also like posted pieces. The pieces with the highest bids and likes are categorized as trending pieces and are first seen when using the bot.

Artists largely benefit from Artt Bot because it is able to effortlessly sell their pieces in a wider market, not just locally but globally as well. All an artist has to do is take a picture of their artwork, post it on the bot, add some info about the piece and the rest of the workload is left to the bot. Okay, the bot and our sales and marketing team — the next-generation marketplace for artists.

It is basically a nice and simple way of appreciating and purchasing artworks.

We love the idea, and so do the 8 artists that have already posted their pieces on our bot!

Don’t wait no more, get on Messenger and search for Artt Bot, or simply follow this short link here —

PS. is a division of Beyonde Labs specializing in building chat bots that change the world. Drop us a line if you need something built —

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