The Healing Power of Art: How Art Can be Beneficial to Healthcare

Anna Harvey
Aug 20, 2020 · 2 min read
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Waiting room featuring abstract art

The ‘art of science’ is often spoken about in its quest to merge two opposing realms that, together, capture the essential expression of ‘humanness.’ The ‘art of healing’ however, is rarely spoken about in conventional medicine, as these disciplines are frequently considered too polarised for the medical canon.

Waiting rooms, clinics and doctor’s offices are usually devoid of art, favouring informational posters reminding patients to wash their hands and check in with their bodies. of exposing Art’s role in medical centres, however, has been proven to have various benefits for patients and staff, and there is a notable rise in the popularity patients to the healing power of art.

Art can have positive effects on health outcomes

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Mural at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

There is increasing evidence to suggest that displaying art in medical institutions can have positive effects on health outcomes. It’s not suggested that staring at a painting can cure patients, but rather an Original Painting can lower anxiety levels , which results in a higher threshold for pain.

A study by patients, but also medical staff and visitors. Exeter Healthcare Arts Project found that being surrounded by visual art in a medical setting has a significantly positive effect not only on According to the study, 43% of frontline staff believe displaying art in clinics has an immediately positive effect on mental health and mood. Meanwhile , 24% claimed that treating patients in rooms with art on the walls actually improved clinical outcomes because…

Artupia for Clinics

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