#ArtWeekExploring: Green Line Pt. 2— the C line

a #TBT post highlighting past event hosts and eats in a neighborhood near you!

For this Green Line journey, we’re going to start outside of Boston and work our way towards downtown where the lines merge. If you joined us for the tour of the B-line, you can walk down Chestnut Hill Avenue, or stroll around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir just on your right.

Make your way to the south side of the Reservoir, and you’ll hit our first stop on the tour — the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum. Last Fall ArtWeek, this was home to The Gilded Age in Boston, a special tour and talk from author Skip Moskey. Take a peek inside — admission is free!

Now hop onto the C Line and get off at Coolidge Corner (though you could take the D train, but we’ll cover that train line with plenty of art-tastic stops next time). Coolidge Corner has been home to may ArtWeek events, thanks to the Coolidge Corner Theatre and Eureka Puzzles.

Coolidge Corner Theatre is the area’s only independently operated movie theatres and is regarded as a beloved landmark. Stop in for a movie and you’ll feel like you walked back in time to 1933, down to the vintage snacks (though the beer and movies are new). Two ArtWeek events made us feel particularly nostalgic: The Last Laugh, a silent film accompanied by a live performance by the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra and A Face in the Crowd, a showing of a film from the 1950s introduced with a talk from Dr. Steven Schlozman about the power of charismatic speakers.

Piecing Art Together event at Eureka Puzzles! alleyway

For a journey back to childhood, head up the street and stop in Eureka Puzzles. This store partnered with ArtsBrookline for two separate events that got the entire community involved. In Spring 2016, Piecing Art Together invited the public to help decorate a giant jigsaw puzzle (even through days of rain). Last Fall ArtWeek, the Before I Die Wall, an interactive art project, asked passersby to share their personal aspirations in a public space.

Magritte-inspired “ Ceci n’est pas une pizza”

Before leaving Coolidge Corner, stop for a delicious bite at either Michael’s Deli of Brookline or Otto Pizza, both Art of Food participants! Try the Strawberry Fields Forever sandwich (now always on the menu) or a savory slice!

After that break, catch the inbound train again until you reach St. Mary’s Street. Here is the Brookline Arts Center, offering workshops and gallery space. This was also home to the launch of the “Connectionography” Public Art Installation. For ArtWeek, participants saw a sneak-peek before it was installed throughout Brookline and included free art activities inspired by the piece.

Just two more stops on the C line and you will reach Kenmore, the transfer location for buses and the D line. You can either continue on your journey, or stay tuned to finish the exploration of Brighton and Brookline with our ArtWeek tour of the D line!

There are plenty of other arts/culture/culinary gems who have participated in ArtWeek to check out, — so be sure to plan more visits to these great neighborhoods!

Interested in connecting with any of these previous event hosts or learning how to get involved for Spring ArtWeek 2017 (April 28 — May 7)? Contact the team at artweek@bochcenter.org today!

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