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I am a humble man. Photo by Tara Noelle Photography

8 things a web developer does to geek out his wedding

Having a retrospective with your significant other should always take place in a dimly lit room with candles, drinking scotch.

Our Trello board for the final sprint before the wedding.

The most important design requirement was established early on by my fiancée. Cats needed to play a prominent role in any design moving forward.

Early ideas for colour, fonts, and style all involving cats by Andrew Semuschak
Our official email invitation design by Andrew Semuschak
Layout wireframe by Andrew Semuschak
Pusheen revealing our secrets

E.g. In the first month we knew each other, we messaged 3208 times.

Poorly interpreted statistics.
SMS image collage. Photo by Tara Noelle Photography
A place card with coloured cat indicating beef. Photo by Tara Noelle Photography
The only decent picture of the live Instagram board.
Achievement unlocked! Photo by Tara Noelle Photography




Musings and experiments with technology

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Arvin Singla

Arvin Singla

Staff Web Developer @ecobee, Drupal veteran, Javascript nut, cord cutter, sometimes dancer, brand new father, and overall geeky guy

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