OmniChannel Meet-up Group!

Learning & Innovation formulates a huge part for organisational & individual success and meetup’s are one of the best avenues to explore that. Announcing the launch of world’s first meetup group on “OmniChannel Retail”, a topic which is taking every retailer and e-tailer by storm around the world. This is a great way for us to learn as a community with like minded people sharing common interest.


The intent of this group is pure learning & networking on topics like Latest Technology, Customer Personalization, Lean Startup, Retail Strategy, Analytics, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management and much more. There is something to gain for everyone here.

The group is not restricted to Arvind Employees and we have opened it for the entire community to join, share, invite, network and learn from each others experience. Anyone interested in our Core Agenda can Join.

Who Should Join?

Retail Entrepreneurs

Retail Professionals

Product Managers

E-Commerce Professionals.

Tech Geeks.

AI & Machine Learning professionals

Logistics & Supply Chain Management employees.

Data Scientists / Data Analysts.

What is a Meetup?

A Social club where like minded people can join and create events at regular intervals to talk about common interests, which in this case is OmniChannel Retail and Related Technology.

Follow the link below to become a member and to watch out for upcoming events.

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