Year End Smaash!!!

AIL’iens at SMAASH!!!

As the year comes to an end with a lot of excitement and moments to cherish, we at Arvind Internet say adieu to 2017 with a bang at Smaash !!!

It was an Arvind Internet org level team outing. Every milestone achieved calls for such a grand party. From CEO & COO to every employee of every department steps up on the floor to celebrate the achievements. While pictures are the proof to “Work Hard, Party Harder”, Dancing feet are the proof to “Fun for us, OMG for others”.

Exciting times ahead. What’s up 2018!

The culture at Arvind Internet is an experience. Others think and talk about it but we live it every day. You can also be one of the party persons in the pics. Just walkin to our open cultured office, share your knowledge, impress us and there you go. One more AIL’ien into the group.