Building the World’s Spatial Index with ARwayKit

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4 min readApr 1, 2021


Point Cloud data generated from Arway Mapping App (Bangalore, India)

ARwayKit Developers will soon have the ability to Map, Create, and Restore 3D content for the outdoors in the Geodetic (WGS84) Coordinate system, which will enable them to build use-cases that require sub-meter positioning accuracy in GeoPose such as Autonomous/Assisted Driving, Improved gaming, augmented reality experiences, enhanced BIM experiences and many more.

With this, a developer can build city-scale maps and build a spatial index for the world to make next-generation spatial computing possible. Developers will soon make the Maps public for other spatial content creators to bring their experiences on top of this shared spatial index.

So How does the Mapping + Coordinates system work?

The mapping process will be similar to the previous one with the addition of using the highest accuracy GNSS data during the session to modify GPS accuracy using local mapping. It will convert the mapping “scene” local coordinate system Pose data to the Geodetic Coordinate system through Earth-Centered, Earth-Fixed (ECEF) Coordinate system.

Hence during localization requests, developers can get Pose data in the scene and the Geodetic Coordinate systems. With more precise compass values, so the 3D content remains correctly aligned.

Use cases of Pose in the Geodetic system

GeoPose opens a lot of use-cases for developers, and it makes the world a spatial index so that the developer can build experience on top of this index. A few of use cases are;

Enhanced BIM and GIS models:

Transforms traditional BIM engineering designs and “flat” GIS data into augmented reality displays and holograms overlaid on your view of a physical job site helping to prevent errors that lead to project delays and expensive cost overruns.

Hyper-Accurate Location apps:

Hyper accurate Geopose shows navigational information that directly shows the car’s windshield and resembles a video game. Even arrows and graphics can help the driver navigate, avoid hazards, and warn of dangers ahead, pedestrians.

AR experiences for World Scale:

Developers can build large-scale AR experience and Multiplayer games, which require location awareness directly for outdoors as Mapping will support a Geodetic coordinate system. Experience such as large-scale advertisement, Art exhibit Marketing campaigns, and AR Products releases.

ARwayKit Web Studio integration with OpenStreetMap and Cesium

With Geopose Support, ARwayKit Web Studio will integrate with OpenStreetMaps and Cesium so developers can directly “Drag and Drop” 3D content on top of real-world location in real-time that can be accessed by their users with the highest level of positioning accuracy through GeoPose.

Following OARC interoperable standards

At ARWAY, we support the Open AR Cloud initiative (OARC) vision: driving the development of open and interoperable AR Cloud technology accessible for all. By partnering with OARC last year and with the release of GeoPose, ARWAY will act as a service provider for GeoPose and Spatial Content Discovery (Spatial search) for the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP).

Open Spatial Computing Platform proposed by OARC

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