Creating World Scale AR Experiences Using Smartphones!

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Minecraft Earth

So, you’ve been enchanted by the world-scale AR experiences from companies like Snapchat, Niantic’s Pokémon Go, Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth and so on and want to create your own.

Now, that is really great and all but the main question is “Where or How do I start?”. If you are facing the same problem, then don’t worry as you are not alone!

World-scale AR experiences are hard to create!

Not only do they require you to create a virtual replica of the real-world, made up of millions of tiny point clouds, but the users also need to have devices capable of running such experiences. Thankfully, most of the smartphones nowadays are capable of running world-scale AR experiences using apps like Snapchat and so on.

Where do I start?

  • The first thing you need to do is learn about the building blocks of creating such an experience — Point Clouds!

You can learn all about point clouds and it’s significance in the field of Augmented Reality from my article linked below where I explain about point clouds, their significance in AR and the potential use cases, in depth.

  • After you have learnt about point clouds, you need an SDK capable of creating a point cloud map from your smartphone camera data.
  • One such SDK capable of doing so is ARwayKit.

How to Start?

  • Firstly, you need to map your surroundings using apps like ARWAY Mapping that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • This app requires you to have an ARWAY Developer account. You can register one for free in the Developer Portal.
  • ARWAY Mapping is an intelligent AI application that helps you to scan any area (both indoors and outdoors) and create a highly detailed point cloud map of your surroundings by finding unique feature points that align with the place. It looks for unique feature points in the surroundings like patterns and objects that are a part of that particular area.
Mapping the real world
  • The point cloud map created can then be used for localization and create persistent AR applications for the users.
Localization and persistent content placement

For step-by-step tutorial of the complete process, have a look at out video tutorial below —

Step by step process for creating world-scale AR experiences

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