Segmenting and Organizing AR-Cloud through ARwayKit

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3 min readNov 21, 2020


AR-Cloud is a machine-readable, persistent 3D digital copy of the real world that forms the base layer of spatial computing.

When we talk about AR-Cloud the scale of it is an enormous challenge and the world is an ever-changing environment so updating the 3D digital copy of the real-world needs forethought tools and real software innovation.

On a high-level AR-Cloud can be divided into two software layers;

1) Application layer
2) and Map Layer

Application layer — It deals with Application use-cases, content, Business logic, UI/UX.

Map layer — It is a true machine-readable 3D map, mostly used for hyper-accurate localization or occlusion.

How is ARwayKit helping develop ARCloud apps?

ARwayKit offers a full-stack solution integrated with Mapping and Localization it provides a Web Studio where developers can manage point clouds maps (Map layer) and AR content maps (Application layer) easily in Real-time.

Web Studio to manage point clouds and AR Content in realtime

For managing large physical space it offers the ability to segment and organizes Maps in realtime which makes large-scale AR location apps deployment easy.

ARwayKit Web Studio offers the ability to divide a large space into multiple smaller maps, and whenever an update is needed in a Map, it can be easily updated from the Mapping app and Studio in Realtime.

MultiMap Async Localization request

ARwayKit Localization API’s now support querying of localization in multiple Map from a single frame, it runs the requests asynchronously across all the maps parallelly in ARWAY Cloud Server and return the local pose which can be further converted into the global pose, given the Map offset.

So what coming next?

Web Studio REST API is being updated to query AR Content around a specific location, this will help developers to download the data which is only needed to show in the current location instead of a complete map, hence reducing the required network bandwidth.

Baran is the Founder & CEO of ARWAY, a computer vision startup in London recently accepted into Techstars, working to build a digital framework for the GPS-denied world.

Connect with Baran and the company on Twitter.

Nikhil Sawlani leads the AR-Cloud research at ARWAY, he is a published AR researcher. Focusing on all problems related to AR+Location.

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