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Nov 27, 2016 · 5 min read
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Hello all. In this fleeting world, startup & enterprise business skyrocketed to the new heights. Conventional business existed on this globe from a very long time. What we can learn from them?. We frequently listen to the discussions about enterprise and how it looks like from experts. For example, if we inspect the career paths for a software engineer they can be:

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Entrepreneur

So who do you think is doing business in the above list. Obviously, the answer will be “Entrepreneur”. Why?. It is because the entrepreneur is the one who drives his/her startup business with utmost interest. He fancies everything in terms of profit/loss, product/service, and customer/business. It is true. But there is a wider meaning for business to understand. We might argue that employment is not a business on the first sight. But think twice. You will be surprised by the answer.

How a Job holding employee is doing business?

When it is coming to employment, both the normal employees and managers are hired by the company to consume their services in the growth of their business. First, it looks like the company is doing business and employees are just supplementing them by writing code, recruiting people, managing things. But truly a business can offer two types of things.

  • Products
  • Services

Products are things ranging from toothpaste you use in the morning to an operating system that you work all the time. Products usually come into our mind when word business is listened to.

Services are the one which is given by the people of their skill & knowledge. A barber at a saloon, a consultant at a software company, and a babysitter at your home are few examples of how services are consumed.

Products and services are like two eyes for any business or enterprise. And every business has two end points. Producer & Consumer. We all studied this in our economics studies. Why now? Because we are not aligning them with where we are right now.

Why everything is a business?

I work for a software company as a software engineer. In normal terms, my income is capped(slab on the income). To get a higher pay, I can patiently pass into a management role where income is relatively more but still capped. In order to earn more uncapped income, people chose to become consultants. Consultants work on multiple projects at the same time. More work and thus more income. Or else, if they are risk takers, they can be entrepreneurs where the income is in higher amounts(if the business succeeds). But could you find a common characteristic in all these roles?.

All are doing business here

  • I and my manager are giving our service to the company and our company is a client for us.
  • Consultants also gives their services to the respective clients.
  • An Entrepreneur can sell her product/service to the end customers and make money.

All the above businesses are agreed upon few contracts. For me and my manager, a full-time job is a pact. For consultants, it is the finishing of project and deadlines. For an entrepreneur, it is the delivery and support of product/service to his customer. In a book called Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual written by John Z.Sonmez, author tells that

Always be professional in whatever you do. Like how a business survives on the quality of the product, for a person, it is his quality of service that makes him shine.
— — John Z.Sonmez

Why employee should be professional in his/her work? (because it is a business)

Now come back to the context of an employee like me. You may work average and go with the time. When our tasks are done, we sit mum rather than proactively grab new ones to finish. But what is the benefit of doing the smart hard work for your employer or a client?. Why take more responsibility to own things?

Enterprise is not a company. It is you too.

It is up to you to satisfy your employer or a client. You are actually doing a business here with your skills for your employer. They are paying for your services to them. No business runs on a broken promise. A business can be done horribly or remarkably. Why can’t you try to do it gracefully?. It is not the employer who is benefitting from your work. It is your credibility got strengthening of doing business well with client(your employer). Once you master the skill of enterprise, you can satisfy any client(company) on your career path comfortably.

If you sell a bad product to a customer, next time he won’t buy it. So how a consumer has a right to chose his favorite product, similarly, if you give a bad service to a company, they have a right to fire you(withdraw from your service).

The American all-time legendary entrepreneur and oil giant John.D Rockefeller always pinpointed the success of a business lies in the credibility of the seller.

Legend of Business: John D Rockefeller

The most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit… a reputation, character.
— — John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller strictly tells you that every opportunity to prove yourself will enhance your business skills. It makes you a good seller of your services. He is also a philanthropist who is admired greatly by entrepreneurs world wide.

I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.

— — John D Rockefeller

This logic works well for a manager, consultant too. Except for the lazy people who does nothing, all others(working & self-employed) are into some kind of business all the time.

keep doing business well whatever role you are playing. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this article :). You can view my profile at

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Fruits of my opinion

Books, Travel,Personal Opinions and notes

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