My thoughts from recent Uber Tech Talk in Bangalore, 2017

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Operational Challenges

These are the problems specific to a particular place/community


Smart phone penetration is still needed to rise in developing countries like India and Brazil. More and more smartphones with good network connection imply more chance of using a transportation app. India looks very promising with many handset vendors are competing to attract the Indian customer.


Internet access is the main problem in remote parts of India, but in metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and, Hyderabad due to the current generation of free wifi spots, JIO, and affordable data packs the conditions are improving.


Many people feel comfortable in their local language. European countries stress this point very clearly. Do you operate in English? We need French. To give a better and easy usability experience localization should happen. The app/service should be truly local. Uber is constantly trying to bring its mobile applications in multiple languages. Leave India, it needs to take care of all its countries of operation.


Pricing is a very important factor for Uber. If it is able to safely transport people with prices that are much better than local private channels, it can solve this affordability problem and can acquire more user base. There are few other sub challenges that Uber can face in the path of affordability.

  • Short distance pricing


In developing countries like India, Indonesia & Latin American countries, the population density is high. This is going too much near to places like movie theaters, shopping malls, temples and, visiting places. The availability of cars will be same for each and every part of the city with a slight variation. Uber might be deploying more cabs at the peak time near a shopping mall, but once they are departed for a mission, next set of cabs should be routed to this mall area to constantly give the service.

Rush near LuLu mall, Kochi

Technical Challenges

These are the technical/engineering challenges in front of Uber where its engineers are striving hard to come with solutions.

Graceful Degradation of UX

Uber should gracefully degrade the users when there is no sufficient bandwidth or processing power. It means the app should choose what UX it needs to give depends on the capacity of the user device. An app should utilize the power of Samsung S8 or Nexus 6 to give best in class experience to the user. The same app should do the purpose of the app even on the sub par mobiles like Moto E.

  • Limit API calls to server

Caching in Real Time

Uber does a lot of real time computation and should be very careful while caching things. News sites like Guardian, BBC can use caching efficiently deliver news articles & journals for the consumers. But for Uber, the problem definition is different. It cannot freely take the benefits of caching.

Technical Debt

Whenever a new project is started, the infrastructure and layout are more important. The design should be solid, future proof and viable. But in a rising brand like Uber, in order to stay in competition the new features should be added every now and then. There will be few compromises on infrastructure, best practices and hence exists the technical debt.

Accuracy of Maps

Uber maintains their own map and navigation system. The accuracy of Uber vehicles depends on the quality of GPS chips they install on the driver’s handset. This overall chips cost determines the service quality. But Uber need to think another way of solving this problem.

New Interfaces & Usability

Uber is launching its services in multitude of countries. In this course, they are understanding the cultural differences and trying to give best possible interfaces which are localized(look & feel as native built)

Fraud detection systems

Uber already has and in future continue to have the fraud detection and monitoring of critical systems in its real time payments. It also needs a more robust testing automation enabled for frequent releases

Few things Uber Can Try in the future

All the above points are noted directly from VP and took down as notes. What Uber is trying to fix, where it is trying to improve etc. Here as a listener, I wish to suggest Uber try few things.

Place kiosks at the Airports & Interesting City Points

Uber should try to serve and attract a new customer too. A person who is getting down from a flight should not worry about charging in his phone battery. If electronic wifi connected kiosks are available for customers, there is no need to think that Uber can be booked only from a mobile. This allows new customers to try Uber and gets engagement.

Program this Ad kiosk to book cabs
  • Give kiosk location to nearby driver
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 with different customers
  • Pop a list of customers | drivers | mobile-numbers on kiosk
  • When driver arrives at kiosk, he declares the Customer and gets him in
  • Make Uber available for everyone
  • Safety of Kiosks

Gift a Uber ride Booking for a Stranger

I said to gift a Uber ride booking doesn’t ride itself. Since Uber has the cash payment option, when a stranger or a recently met guy is in a need to book a cab, what we can do?

  • Helping the people in need
  • Implementation system already exists with cash payments in Uber app
  • Review system will be skewed

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Fruits of my opinion

Reviews about cool books (mostly non-fiction) I read, Opinions and notes