The typical life of Western vs. Indian work professional

Let us sneak peek into the lives of a middle-class work professional in a western country like Germany and India. It is not a generalization, but simply an observation.

A typical Westerner’s routine


  1. Brush your teeth and then use Listerine to remove bad breath
  2. Take a shower in an Italian bathtub with scented oils
  3. Apply 30/50 SPF sunscreen(in summer) or Moisturiser(in winter) to protect their skin
  4. Use Rexona deodorant sport roll to stop odor from sweat
  5. Wear gently washed clothes that always look new
  6. Drive/Bike to the office with full gear(helmet, jackets, and glasses) through parks and free granite stone paved streets
  7. Work in a friendly, professional environment for 8 hours from 9 PM — 5 PM
  8. Have lunch at a nice Italian/Spanish/Thai restaurant with colleagues/friends. Food and water are mostly safe wherever you eat.
  9. Shop few groceries at Super Market while coming back home
  10. Go to the CrossFit gym/Go for an evening walk/Take your dog out and take a shower
  11. Spend some quality time with your family forgetting everything about work
  12. Cook food on four burners glass-top stove and eat food in royal looking porcelain plates which are from Ikea but made in France.
  13. Brush once again and then slip onto a large bed with a soft memory foam mattress, clean bed sheets dreaming about all beautiful moments in your life.

Weekly and Monthly:

  1. Take a flight to Malta or Spain for a two or three-day trip.
  2. Take a bus/train to the nearest European capital city if there are any cultural events.
  3. Participate in food festivals/marathons/fairs in your town on the weekend.
  4. Plan a bike trip with your brand new Bulls MTB to the nearest countryside. Buy a bike ticket, travel to another city and explore
  5. Drive to your friend/family member who lives in the nearest town and enjoy your time there.
  6. In winter, enjoy the heating at home and listen to the radio, read books.
  7. In summer, enjoy the spring and bright sunshine in vast parks
  8. Have regular health and dental checkup once in a while


  1. Buy a Harley motorbike, ride to multiple countries on a high-speed highway as part of a group
  2. Plan a cycling tour spanning through hundreds of Kilometers of road, forests and camping spots.
  3. Plan a one month vacation to India/Egypt/Mexico or UK/Ireland/Iceland
  4. Enjoy a good time with your family and friends at Christmas & New year eve

A typical Indian’s routine


  1. Wake up thinking about how to fight with the noisy day
  2. Brush and take a bath quickly(Estimation: 5 minutes, Actual: 10 minutes)
  3. Eat breakfast half-heartedly, put on a random dress from the closet
  4. Catch your nearly missing bus to find it full (Air Conditioned buses too)
  5. Spend up to two hours on the road(Bangaloreans & Hyderabadis know this well) to reach your workplace
  6. Go to the office and work until your father/wife calls you
  7. Then travel for two more hours(if it doesn’t rain) to get to home
  8. All day, you hear vehicle honking, political chatter, and glimpses of many unhappy people and events
  9. If you manage to find some time late in the evening, watch some political news or a repeating movie on TV.
  10. Otherwise, have dinner and go hopeless to bed with scary thoughts about the next working day. If it is weekend, take a long breath.

Weekly and Monthly:

  1. Stay at home as you are tired of commuting to work
  2. Visit temples and be bothered by friends and relatives
  3. Do shopping at malls, fruit markets
  4. More bothering bi-directional!
  5. Curse traffic, boast about properties!


  1. Maybe a health check when something is seriously not right (toothache)
  2. Unplanned events (Real estate purchase, job change, etc.)
  3. Nothing much.

Why I used explicit details(like Italian/Rexona) in westerner’s case and abstract terms in Indian’s? Majority of westerners are particular about what they chose in life, careers and rulers are no exception. For most of the Indians, they love whatever comes in their path and adore quantity/casualness over quality/professionalism.

The above differences result in drop/boost in morale & happiness!

You can observe the World Happiness Index 2019 to find it out!

18/20 Happiest countries are western. Growth engines and workhorses like Japan(58), South Korea(54), and China(93) are unhappy. India(140) is competing well with African countries. It is a sad truth.

For a detailed review about how current societies are doing, please go through this complete analysis by

A happiest and clear mind is an engine of productivity


I am not writing this post to criticize anyone, neither to enlighten too. I was putting a hidden point how a human being who is free from all obligations to illiteracy, backwardness, and corruption can lead his/her life peacefully and stable. Decidedly, less number of worries goes through an average westerner’s mind, with a stable society, time to self analyze and channel rational thoughts into his/her brain. For an ordinary Indian, the absolute chaos of a broken system with a patchy democracy creates daily headaches leave about the notion of inner peace and productivity. Maybe that is a reason for his/her unhappiness. So this post’s conclusion is just an observation but not evaluation.

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence
— Jiddu Krishnamurthy