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Great evening at the IT University of Copenhagen as Mayor of Employment and Integration and female profiles from IBM, Google and Deloitte called for more women in tech.

Sidsel Löschenkohl (Deloitte), Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard (Mayor), Isabel Jepsen (IBM) and Mette Knak (Google)

300 people showed up for the Women in Tech event at IT University of Copenhagen hosted by ARYZE, ITU Innovators and IT-Branchen on the 25th of February.

We had the pleasure of the following speakers:

Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard — Mayor of Employment and Integration, Copenhagen

Sidsel Rytter Løschenkohl — Blockchain Consultant, Deloitte

Mette Knak — Partner Manager, Google

Isabel Amalia Jepsen — Data Scientist Consultant, IBM Client Innovation Center.

Furthermore IT-Branchen, ITU Innovators, GoGetty, Business & Barsel, Girls Are Awesome, #WomenInComputing, #WomenInHardware and ARYZE Ambassadors were represented in the impressive lobby of ITU.

Before and after the speeches all participants had the opportunity to network and discuss how we can get more women in tech.

Watch all the photos from the evening here.

Networking in the lobby
Speakers presented by Rasmus Bruun, ARYZE CCO
Speakers and crew from ARYZE Ambassadors, ITU Innovators and IT-Branchen

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ARYZE Official

Developing stable-coins and next-generation digital payment solutions.

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