Become an ARYZE Community Ambassador

Feb 13 · 3 min read

If you like to inspire change in your own communities, and are motivated to teach others about the amazing developments in tech, this program is for you!

This is for individuals that are passionate about improving the financial ecosystems of the world to promote financial inclusion, building solutions on the money of the future, and reduce transaction fees.

Community is the foundation which great ideas are built upon, and we want to empower people around us to be the change they want to see in the world.

The Community Ambassadors represent ARYZE at their universities and local communities, and help ARYZE grow. They brainstorm with our team on new ideas, give feedback, and take responsibilities for growing our subscribers, networking with students associations, and for initiating and organizing events.

We’re looking for:

  • People with the ability to find, share, and engage with newcomers to ARYZE.
  • Event makers and community organizers.
  • Global and regional crypto experts, traders, influencers, innovative strategic thinkers, storytellers, and content creators.
  • People willing to give constructive feedback to the ARYZE team on product development and features.
  • People who are ready, capable, and motivated to nurture awareness about ARYZE and connect ARYZE community members to people all around the world.
  • People connected to crypto communities, universities, and meetup hubs.


  • Receive an exclusive look and access to ARYZEs upcoming platform.
  • Expanding your knowledge base and professional network through customized lessons with the ARYZE team/partners.
  • Host meetups within your local community and lead social networking events.
  • Participate in bounties and private airdrop events for additional RYZE tokens.
  • Connect with other ambassadors over social media to help spread the word about ARYZE and build a network in different countries.
  • First access to testing ARYZE products.
  • First access to ARYZE job opportunities and internships.
  • Opportunity to be nominated and featured as ARYZE Ambassador of the Month.

Apply to be an ARYZE Ambassador by clicking here.


  • Write a short email answering the 3 questions: Who are you? What thing about ARYZE do you like the best? Why do you want to be an ARYZE Ambassador? Send it to
  • Join our community on Facebook!

Meet Karen — one of our first ambassadors!

Born in Brazil, raised in Europe, Karen is a masters student at CBS, who aims to acquire knowledge regarding strategy and innovation towards finance, in a creative manner. To her, resilience has been a keyword in her life, and after overcoming many obstacles, it’s now time to develop her full capacity in Fintech. She has been part of social tech events, hackathons, student social development programs, as well as community approaches surrounding the SDGs.

“My expectation of working with ARYZE is to be able to mix the Sustainable Development Goals with financial solutions, that can help, on a daily basis, those in need. The impact of decreasing financial transactions fees, for example, can be allocated to give communities in development better infrastructure, possible access to education and so on. I’m very honored and excited to be one of the ARYZE Community Ambassadors!”

ARYZE Official

Developing stable-coins and next-generation digital payment solutions.


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#ARYZE creates digital cash to make payments cheaper, faster and smarter. Join us on Telegram: #thewayyoupay

ARYZE Official

Developing stable-coins and next-generation digital payment solutions.

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