Danish Blockchain.Leveraged conference brought experts together to discuss technological innovation

On March 26th, ARYZE co-hosted an event with PwC and Nordic Blockchain Association with the aim of discussing blockchain adoption and what the future holds for the technology.

Mar 27 · 3 min read

Denmark has historically been a strong player in the field of science. It is perhaps no wonder that when Danish entrepreneurs and tech specialists gather for a conference on blockchain, it is nothing short of spectacular. Blockchain.Leveraged was hosted by PwC, ARYZE and Nordic Blockchain Association, and turned out to be a great success with roughly 200 attendees from financial and tech industries.

Jack Nikogosian, ARYZE CEO, presenting a vision for blockchain and technology

The main topics discussed were:

  • Efforts to educate the private and public sector on blockchain
  • Blockchain implementations in the banking sector
  • The industrialization of blockchain
  • Blockchain for payments and trade finance
  • Stablecoins and decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Regulation

Many of the speakers were also critical about the technology, both in general and from a regulatory perspective, with hopes of encouraging further development to happen in Denmark. Speakers on the panel debate towards the end called for a unified stance with the Danish financial supervisory authority to educate themselves and provide comprehensive guidelines for a wide variety of blockchain applications and use cases.

From left to right: Ian Choo (Ekofolio), Jan Lillelund (IBM), Frederik Gregaard (PwC Switzerland), Jack Nikogosian (ARYZE), Mads Stolberg-Larsen (Tradeshift)

“In Denmark, we have digitized with our currency to a very high degree — it’s an opportunity, but also a bit of a road block, in that we aren’t fully incentivized to innovate beyond the problems we already have ‘solved.’" — Jan Lillelund, CTO IBM, commenting on the fact that the Danish market might not necessarily need blockchain to the same degree as other markets.

The venue supplied by PwC was equipped for an excellent event, and the high quality of attending speakers made the whole thing possible. We are very proud to have been part of the organizing team, and to contribute in the development of a technology with such transformative power.

Networking session following the conference


Frederik Gregaard, Head of Digital Financial Services — PwC Switzerland

See more pictures from the event here.

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Developing stable-coins and next-generation digital payment solutions.


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ARYZE Official

Developing stable-coins and next-generation digital payment solutions.

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