5 steps to write your first 250-word answer

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#1: Select a Question that makes sense to you.

First, select a UPSC previous year question. I am assuming that you have covered at least 50% of your basic syllabus. Ensure that you are comfortable with the topic. Between a question on poverty and cryptocurrency, I will choose a question on poverty as it is easier for me to understand.

#2: Figure out the Sub-Parts of the Question

Read the question slowly and figure out these central focus areas. This is a critical step and will determine the structure of your answer.

Eg: What are the main socio-economic implications arising out of the development of IT industries in major cities of India? Here the focus areas are 1) Socio-Economic Issues 2) IT Industries

#3: Refer to the internet to get 3–5 facts related to the topic

Facts add authenticity to your answer. I can write “Unemployment in India is rising.” Rather, if I write, As per the CMIE report, the Unemployment rate in India has risen from 7.1% to 8.3% in Aug 2021.Thefocus here should be to move from Generic to Specific answers.

#4: Look at the issue from multiple lenses

A simple topic like poverty can be viewed from multiple perspectives such as Economic, Political, Gender, Skill level etc. Try to ensure that your answer is multi-dimensional.

#5: Memorize the information gathered and write your answer

Memorize the facts and dimensions that you have written and make an attempt to write your first answer. Don’t worry about the time. Don’t worry that the answer should be perfect. Ensure that the content is legible and grammatically correct.

Originally published at https://www.getrevue.co on January 20, 2022.




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