Hello everyone, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. Why are we like this? What is our problem? Do you think we are just here for crying? Today’s topic is all about the title.

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

We are the only overacting animals on this planet. Stop acting, do what you really feel. Don’t do anything for others unless you fulfill your wishes. First think of yourself then others.

We feel alone when you are used by others but you feel happy when you really use yourself. Loneliness takes you to depression and depression can end your life. The only way to come out is to keep yourself happy all the time. No matter what just be happy and keep trying. This loneliness even makes your close ones feel sad and they too feel some sort of uncomfortableness.

Just try, once a vice person told “it doesn’t matter if your progress is slow because you are better than a person who never tried”. When do you say leave me alone? You say this when you don’t feel happy or when you are out of mood.

Try, try but don’t cry
life is short and you will always feel sorry,
Does trying lead you to success-aye
make your life starry,
do what you strive for
don’t mind what others say, you are thunder and they are just downpour
the only thing which can get you fame is working hard more and more.
You are strong, bold and reich by heart
look what you’ve got.

Feeling alone one day makes you feel I am not alone,
be your own
make people say, mind mine you’ve blown,
its because of the skills and talent you’ve shown.
First you then others, reach your goals
then make others as a better soul.

Some people even enjoy being alone but that does not lead to depression. We also prefer being alone sometimes,
1.When some isn’t interested in you.
2.When you are not interested in others.
3.When you fail.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed and comment down your thoughts. Thank you reading, following, subscribing, clapping, sharing and commenting. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog, till then peace out!!! (:




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