We are not dictated by our past

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Many times we hear that our personality is a sum of experiences we’ve had in the past. But this is not entirely true. As each of us has the ability to grow into something new, something much beyond what our past has been.

We can be more than the mistakes we made yesterday. We are what we choose in the present. These choices determine our future.

We might not have come from a privileged family. We might not have studied in IIT or IIM. Yet each of us has the potential to reach the goal. In our case, it could be about getting a good rank in the UPSC exam.

What defines how we approach our goal is the choices that we make on a daily basis. The choice to stick with the commitments made to ourselves.

That said we should also acknowledge the importance of primary education. Studying in an English medium school might enable a student to feel more confident.

In the Ethics paper, we study the concepts of Aptitude and Attitude. Aptitude is the sum of knowledge, skills and abilities that are innate within a person. Attitude is the mindset that develops through a process of socialization.

Aptitude represents Talent. While Attitude represents Grit.

We may or may not be able to change our Aptitude. But our Attitude is in our hands.

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. — Stephen Covey




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I am a UPSC Aspirant. I will be sharing some of my perspectives about the UPSC journey through Medium. I will be posting when I get some free time.

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