Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and doing well. Today I was thinking something in my substitution class, I thought how would it be if everything was free? I kept thinking and at last it came to an end.

It’s a very useless topic to think about but it has so much inside, if suddenly everything went free
what would happen?
will we be happy or sad? why
advantages and disadvantages
First of all it’s not possible in anyways, even if it is possible then this world might end. Now what happens is everything wants to buy everything, and everyone rushes to the shops until one day everything gets over. Now the farmer too stops growing crops as there is no income obtained by it and everyone would stop their job. If everyone feels responsible and continue their job then this world will still keep running.

According to me it could be a happy news on the other hand it can also be the worst and bad news if people stop working. The rich would feel sad and the poor or the middle class people would feel happy.

Speaking about the advantages:
1.Animals can live a happy life forever as there is no destruction of their habitat or there is no poaching of animals as no income is gained from it.
2.Eqaulity will be maintained forever.
3.Criminal activities can come into control.
Advantages are too less whereas there are a lot of disadvantages:
1.Everything will lose its value.
2.Everyone will stop working and all will die one day.
3.People won’t have the respect towards anyone.
4.This world becomes of no use
5.People will forget pain, hard work etc…
6.Everyhing would just stop and our mama would get some rest.

Where was money first used?
The world’s first coins appeared around 600 B.C. Lydians are said to be the first users of coins but there is no information about who found money. Lydia now lies in Turkey. They featured the stylized head of a lion and were made of electrum, an alloy of gold and silver.

If I would have been in power, I would never pass such laws not even for a single day, If I was in power, my only aim will be to strive towards country’s improvement. People will hate such things for sure.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed and comment down your thoughts. Thank you reading, following, subscribing, clapping, sharing and commenting. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog, till then peace out!!! (:




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