Hello me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. Everyone are good in something but that does not mean that they are worthless. Sometimes we feel so happy and sometimes extremely sad and left out.

Photo by Majestic Lukas on Unsplash

One of the biggest problem in many of them are believing everyone completely, and when you believe someone so much we won’t be aware of what they are doing. Some people use us and some always act as if they believe in you.

Lets take an example, some of your mates are acting as if they are your friends. Your teacher gives you project and they add you in their group temporarily but you don’t even know that. You help them a lot and at last they remove you from their group and add another friend who doesn’t know anything about the project. Now what would be your mind thinking? First you go and inform the teacher but the teacher isn’t responsible for this. Then you ask other mates that can I join your group but they won’t accept you as its their hard work and it wouldn’t be fair.

Now the only thing you can do was think that you are left out and cry for hours. But no ones gonna care. Show them what you are, show them your power, show them what you can do. Simply crying is not gonna work, try your best and the very important thing believe in yourself and never lose hope. If you have that power, then nothing can stop you. Never feel that you are left out because hope always resides in you.

Don’t think what others say, do what you need and do what your mind says. Never believe anyone completely.

Think what you are, think who you are
believe in yourself because you are the burning star
Show them what you are, show them your power, show them what you can do
believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. Absolutely true
Be the one never before
You can do more and more.
Never feel left out
show them that you are a burning star not a budding sprout
make your life heaven not hell
Just believe in yourself

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed and comment down your thoughts. Thank you reading, following, subscribing, clapping, sharing and commenting. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog, till then peace out!!! (:




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