As Good As It Gets
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As Good As It Gets


From the porch

I have learned to hear one must listen. To receive one must be receptive. Often I am restless during the night. After midnight I come to the porch and look. Like a double edge blade the moon beam penetrates my soul illuminating my heart. It carries messages to and from the eternal. A different moon every night but the connection continues.

The day sky vib is different coming alive as the sun descends.

Here the sun sets through the trees casting long shadows as it drops to the horizon.

On the horizon a storm brews sending darkness spilling across the field. Rain thunder and lightening scare the dogs indoors.

The storm passes leaving a rainbow with 2 pots of gold.

The evening sets the stage for another day.

The sunrises and sets,

nights become days and days nights.What a view from the porch.



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