The Game of Dreams

I have heard that the enemy invites them to role-play so often into their fantasy world that once the game ends, many years after, and their character loses and dies, they too often die in reality. They have no reason to live. 

Darling, you need to let go of this illusion.

The illusion of who you are and who you ought to be.

If that is taken away from you forever,

Will you too be taken?

If you are dead they cannot kill you.

If you kill your dream, they cannot kill the deepest parts of you. Or you.

They are after you.

The only way out is to kill your vision.

Then you can start again.

You will be given a new vision. 
You will be given new vision.

If you cannot kill it on your own, search for the remedy. I hear it kills in its healing.

The remedy is not within you, it is outside of you.

Believe me, it is the furthest absolute from you. You are not the absolute. You are not the starting point, nor the end point. To live, you must follow its rules. Its definitions. Its dimensions.

Yet, believe me, it also the closest thing to you. Heartbeat and breath, blood and bones, dreams and ashes, it is the one that gives them life.

To make it through the night you must let go

To live you must die, once more.

I want to see you in the morning, my darling,

Smiling again.