Don’t fix Procrastination

Hey, anything done right, is useful

When it comes to creative work, time is irrelevant. The work has the potential to take bloody forever because we’re sweating the details or just as easily take no time at all.

But, regardless of time invested, what really matters is, did it get done? And is it fucking awesome?

As a creative, you are in a line of work not based solely on time invested. We do not judge quality by time and effort. Good shit is good shit. Period. The logo, interface, or site built in minimal time can be fucking awesome. If you know what your doing or just damn lucky, quality in execution and ideas happen.

I say embrace this freedom as creatives. Don’t fight it. The other guys, who work outside the field, let them continue to work the way they do. They must. You don’t.

1. You are the most productive when happy

As a happy individual, you are then flowing with ideas and an eagerness to create. If spending a moment enjoying a long lunch or time on twitter helps to improve your day and moral, then do it.

2. When you’re unhappy and bored, you don’t get shit done

It’s then moving an arrow across the screen pushing pixels in the wrong direction. That’s pointless. Don’t procrastinate sitting at your desk pretending to be “working”. Procrastinate in the right way, by doing something that, at the very least, puts you in a good mood.

3. Inspiration comes from the new

Stepping outside, browsing blogs, and reading articles gets the mind rolling. Embrace experiences. Developing ideas and talent comes from exposure. An exposure to new content, acitivities, and people. Exposure is learning and leads back to your work.

If the detour in activities is keeping you happy, inspired, and learning, then its useful. Don’t hate yourself every time your not working.Love yourself because as a creative, everything and anything you do can be considered “work”.

Alright! Done procrasting on Medium, off to work.