Re-United States Book

The Common Sense Guide for Defending America in the Age of Terror

Early in the 21st century, America is entangled in a World War quite different from every previous conflict. We are witness to a clash between what many believe to be irreconcilable civilizations: the modernity of America and the West versus the status quo of circa 900 AD, represented by Islamic fundamentalism.

Re-United States, the book, is basically a present day version of Thomas Paine’s, Common Sense: addressing both Islamic extremism and American political division with just the right tincture of realism, patriotism, and optimism to satisfy a very broad, target audience. Written by a non-partisan, it is a “one stop shop” intended to educate and motivate American’s to reject rhetoric and engage constructive debate. This book is a must read for those who believe that it is time for our leaders to stop defending a political office, a party or a news channel and start defending a nation.

Product Description
In fighting the global war on terrorism, America has become embroiled in new kind of conflict. While the first two World Wars brought the country together, this war has divided it into bitter factions. This book examines the threat Islamic extremism poses to America and offers thoughtful solutions on how to reunite the country and defend against a common enemy. Author Marc Weisman begins with an overview of Islamic extremism in America and around the world, then offers a careful examination of violent jihad and the more dangerous but lesser-known nonviolent jihad. Weisman goes on to explore America’s fracture into so-called liberal and conservative blocs. As each group digs in to defend its position, the country’s divide grows ever deeper, thus crippling our response to the threat from abroad. Finally, he describes a series of fresh, logical, and achievable steps we can take individually and as a nation, to work toward.

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