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How to Act Like the Writer and Entrepreneur You Are

Are you dealing with or dreading change?

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Change can be terrifying. It can also be a chance to finally start fresh and allow yourself to actively reach your goals. If you’re having trouble maintaining structure in your life or you’re unsure of where to begin after experiencing a massive change, it’s time you take it back to the drawing board.

I have dreaded change my entire life. Whether it’d be moving from one income stream to another, trying to find balance, or relearning a skill that has felt normal for such a long time, change scared me.

Exactly two months ago, I was starting to see that my freelance projects were wearing thin, and I knew that it was time to start broadening my spectrum of work.

Though I stayed in my comfortable little bubble, I continued to be paid the bare minimum for many hours of work until I realized that it was time I sought out change. I heard it from my husband, from my friends, every time I talked about work, that the reason I felt so stuck was that I settled.

I sat down, worked out a plan, and I refused to wait around, hoping things would work themselves out. It was time I listened, learned, and finally; tried.

Being scared isn’t an excuse to get out of making an effort

I know what it’s like to spend hours of the day worrying about a client not paying, feeling like your online content isn’t going to make a splash, or that you’ll never sell a copy of your own book.

Forget about all of that for a moment and really think about how you’re using your time. How much writing could you have gotten done in the time you were worrying? If you feel angry, frustrated, or even sad, why not write about it?

This was a perspective that changed the way I viewed my writing. For a while, it was always about writing and editing my work to be as polished as possible, but a lot of the time, I stripped away my personality in the process.

I was scared to be genuinely authentic and write what I wanted, which only hurt my career more. Don’t focus on the fear. Focus on the effort.

Understand your creative work from a business perspective

Ask yourself this, “Would I hire me?” After working as a freelance writer for the last few years, I always thought the answer would be yes, but it wasn’t for a while. So, I made a list of all the reasons I wouldn’t until I had a clear picture of the problem.

My current perspective wasn’t enough. I didn’t have enough work in my portfolio that showcased how much I could genuinely do, and that’s how I started looking at things differently.

You have to understand your work’s value and pinpoint the areas of your business that need attention. Create more samples for your portfolio, try writing on different topics, do more research.

Put your best work out there for the world to see and then ask yourself again, “Would I hire me?”

Have a little faith and write like your life depends on it

Believing in yourself can be challenging, especially when you spend a good chunk of your time basing your self-worth on other people’s opinions of you and your work.

It’s time you stop giving a damn about what everyone else has to say about you and look inward to identify what you’re good at. Hone in on that and give it your all. You might not see the same results you once did. You might not see any results at all, but after some time and genuine effort, that will change.

How do you expect to build strong relationships with your readers and your clients if you don’t even believe in yourself? Have a little faith, write about whatever you want, and believe that you can do it.

You’ll face times where things are working out exactly as you want them to, and others, where you feel like nothing you do, is making a difference. You’ll experience changes you want and changes you never saw coming, but it’s important to prepare.

Think about your business. Think about how you’re portraying yourself to potential clients or new readers. Don’t be afraid to fail or face rejection. It’s all part of the process, and even though it might hurt at the moment, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s an opportunity to try again and make every attempt count.

Embrace those changes, and never stop writing. That’s how you’ll deal with the change that comes your way and make the most of it with a little faith and a whole lot of effort.

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