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Navigating creative entrepreneurship.

As She Writes

Mental clarity is integral to creative success, and it’s time you realize taking care of yourself is your pathway to fulfillment.

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You’re finally starting to see success. It’s a wave of thrill, fear, and anticipation, but you push past your hindrances to deliver time and time again. Everything’s good until you start sacrificing more hours of sleep, forgetting to eat breakfast because you’re pumping out as many words as possible, and soon you crash.

You think that it’ll just be a minor setback, that you’ll sleep it off and get back to work the next morning, but you don’t. You’re stuck, and the fear begins to set in. …

As She Writes

Your fresh start is calling. Will you pick up?

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A new year is your chance for new beginnings. You may not be one for new year’s resolutions, or you may think that you won’t be able to change much because your goals feel like they’re lightyears away, but that doesn’t mean you should shelve them, hoping next year will somehow be the right time to start.

You can already picture what you want your life to be like, what you want to achieve, and where you want to be by the end of the year, but will you actively work to get there? Take this fresh start of yours…

As She Writes

Don’t let stress or fear keep you from turning ideas into captivating content.

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You wake up, and the thought of opening up your laptop with a fresh cup of piping coffee makes you shudder inside. The deadlines loom over you, the pressure of having to get your articles edited to be published on time makes you sweat, and you can feel the creativity slipping right through your fingers.

I’ve been a worrier and an over-thinker for most of my life, but I’ve never found that it affected any of my goals until recently. I went through a period where turning in work on time and hitting the publish button on an article filled…

As She Writes

Your story is only a failure if you don’t write it.

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I put off my writing because the thought of failure consumed me. I went to bed every night thinking that the following day I’d miraculously wake up to a better lifestyle and an inspired mind ready to pour my heart into my writing.

It took two weeks of hoping things would work themselves out to understand how much time I’ve been wasting. I quickly learned to accept the idea that failure is part of the game, and the less time I spent worrying about it, the more I’d be able to write.

I was tired of being scared to try…

As She Writes

Yes, it has everything to do with mindset.

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You hate that you procrastinate. You wake up feeling the pressure on your shoulders to create consistently and be an active part of the fast-paced, overstimulated online world. You finally dragged yourself out of your creative rut to write again, expecting the same number of reads as the last great article you published, but you’re met with crickets.

So, what do you do? You shut off your laptop and procrastinate some more until the discouragement starts to dissipate. You wait around licking your wounds when you should be out there writing your next piece. …

As She Writes

This is why you need to slow down.

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When was the last time you took real time to yourself? Are you swept up in the energetic allure of a busy life, or have you figured out how to implement balance?

You ask people in your life if they honestly enjoy the long hours, the constant need for a stimulated mind, and a lot of them will tell you that they do. Though, I’m not one of those people. I can’t comprehend being busy all of the time because when I do, I quickly burn out.

The longer I force my creativity to cooperate, the more it weakens, and…

As She Writes

Are you dealing with or dreading change?

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Change can be terrifying. It can also be a chance to finally start fresh and allow yourself to actively reach your goals. If you’re having trouble maintaining structure in your life or you’re unsure of where to begin after experiencing a massive change, it’s time you take it back to the drawing board.

I have dreaded change my entire life. Whether it’d be moving from one income stream to another, trying to find balance, or relearning a skill that has felt normal for such a long time, change scared me.

Exactly two months ago, I was starting to see that…

As She Writes

Redefine what being a writer means to you and it will change your perspective on success.

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Writing has been the backbone of my mental clarity for as long as I can remember. I wrote to feel something, to understand my mess of emotions, and to find myself. It was what I turned to when the rest of my life seemed bleak, and I always hoped that one day I’d be able to do it professionally.

Making my first few cents as a writer pushed me out of my comfort zone, giving me the inspiration I needed to try new things and start to gauge what was working best. I was writing every day and loving every…

As She Writes

Don’t let stress be your Achilles’ heel and keep you from building real, consistent habits.

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Maintaining consistency is something we all want to do, but most of us struggle to accomplish it. Whether you want to start working out again, write regularly, or simply establish a routine that will keep you from starting every day feeling overwhelmed, it all boils down to consistency.

Sure we may get a surge of inspiration or energy that leads us to have that one perfect day where everything seems to go according to plan. …

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