Monk episode review — 6.10 — Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus

Patrick J Mullen
Oct 21 · 3 min read
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Original air date: December 7, 2007
Director: Randall Zisk
Writer: Ben Gruber

Rating: 7/10

Monk hates both Christmas and joy. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, even if it hasn’t been properly articulated before. He’s in the midst of dragging Natalie and Julie down when they’re stopped in traffic as a man dressed up as Santa Claus throws a bunch of toys down from the roof of a building.

Monk goes to confront the man, there’s a gunshot sound, and when Natalie and Julie arrive, it appears as if Monk has shot him.

While he’ll survive, this still works to make Monk public enemy no. 1 in San Francisco.

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Stottlemeyer treats Monk as a legitimate suspect and recommends he get a lawyer, which sees the return of Larry Miller as Garrett Price, the man who Monk accidentally got to re-enter law.

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Perhaps even more than before, it’s a fun performance, and you kind of wish there was more of him in this.

At any rate, it’s Monk’s word against the guy dressed up as Santa’s word, as Monk claims the other man attacked him and had a gun, which fell out of his pocket. Monk acted in self defense.

Monk attempts to repair his image by doing a television interview in his home, teeming with Christmas decorations that Natalie and Julie set up.

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He feels he needs to explain to everyone that he doesn’t hate Christmas, and he does so of course by saying that the man he shot wasn’t Santa, but then adds that there is no Santa, which makes things worse.

Of course, Monk is innocent, and the guy who dressed up as Santa was working as a distraction for a crew that was robbing the nearby museum for the second largest diamond in the world. Monk figures this out just in time, and finds the Santa with the diamond, so a fight ensues.

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People in Santa suits fighting is rarely not funny, so I gotta give what’s otherwise a pretty middling episode some props here.

This episode gives both Stottlemeyer and Randy almost nothing to do, which is unfortunate. Even Natalie doesn’t have too much to do. But for the brief Larry Miller role, the scene where Monk tells the children of San Francisco that there is no Santa Claus (which leads to some funny lines when Monk is at Dr. Kroger’s office), and the scene where Monk fights Santa, this is decent stuff.

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