Movie Review: The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

The Incredible Shrinking Man was a special effects extravaganza at the time. The effects have obviously dated, but as the main character keeps getting smaller and smaller, it’s interesting to see the sets always change.

The movie gets going pretty soon in terms of the plot device, but it takes a while for Scott Carey (Grant Williams) to get visibly smaller. The movie is pretty intelligent in that it uses his mysterious ailment to tell a human story. I found the relationship between Scott and his wife, Louise (Randy Stuart), to be pretty interesting.

After things get going, and Scott is only about 3' tall, he goes outside and comes across a circus where they are showing off freaks including someone who is very short. Scott leaves and goes to a coffee shop, where a little person, Clarice (April Kent) sits with him. This is a really neat relationship that doesn’t quite amount to a whole lot because she’s only in a few scenes, but I found these to be the most enjoyable and most effective emotionally.

The second half of the movie really gets going when Scott is small enough to fit in a dollhouse, and gets attacked by his cat.

It’s some pretty exciting stuff, and it gets even more interesting when Scott falls into the basement and is presumed dead. There, he has to make use of his surroundings to survive and fight off a spider.

The emotional ending the movie was going for didn’t quite work for me, but I was still very entertained throughout the movie. It’s short, at only about an hour and 20 minutes, and it has plenty of action and character development.

Rating: 7/10