Side Projects and Hackathons

AR Menu

Android Application

AR Menu uses augmented reality technology to showcase a restaurant’s menu as realistic 3D food models before it comes to your plate- so you know exactly what you had ordered. Check out AR Menu on Google Play Store.

McMaster GPA

Android Application

McMaster GPA is an Android application that allows students to calculate their GPA using McMaster University’s 12.0 scale and keep track of their academic progress throughout their degree. Check out McMaster GPA on Google Play Store.


Web Automation Application

An automated status checker, built using Selenium, to alert the user whenever their desired textbook was available in their university’s library catalogue. Check out Flare’s source code on GitHub.


Hack The North — University of Waterloo

An Android application that quickly accesses basic phone utilities from your clipboard. Whether it be changing currencies, adding new a contact or sending a new email, clipBuddy parses the context and recommends the appropriate actions for your needs.

Winner of XE Sponsor Prize

Check out clipBuddy on Devpost.


ILM Hackathon — Ryerson University

An Android application that connects you and other change-makers within your community to create, collaborate and build social development projects through the means of fundraising, creating social awareness and establishing partnership with organizations.

Check out WeRise on Devpost.


DeltaHacks — McMaster University

An Android application which simplifies the process of managing your symptoms on a day to day basis. This data collection tool keeps a track of your physical well-being and allows you to share your symptoms history with your family doctor.

Check out Symplify on Devpost.


UofTHacks — University of Toronto

A social Android application that allows you to create, edit and join meetings around you. If a team member is running late, Meets alerts you to reschedule or catch up on productive tasks.

Pebble Measure

YHacks — Yale University

A smartwatch application designed to measure objects around you. With an extensive use of its accelerometer and compass components, taking measurements around your house can be done within seconds.


Hack the North — University of Waterloo

An Android and Pebble smartwatch based application to alert your friends and emergency services with a push of a button. A lifesaver for seniors or anyone in a critical situation.

Check out Alertr on Devpost.

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