Creating Goals (OKRs) in Asana: Clarification and Best Practices

Goals page screenshot
Goals list view example
Graphic of Mission > Objectives Portfolios > Projects and Processes > Tasks hierarchy/matrix
Asana Pyramid of Clarity

What’s a Goals Hierarchy?

Where are Objectives?

Where are Key Results? (Or when is a Sub-Goal not an Objective?)

Goals page screenshot
A Goal with a Sub-Goal is an actual Goal
Goal page screenshot
Sub-Goal (“Earn customer love”) with three KRs

Best Practice: Distinguish Key Results from Sub-Goals

📊 KR: [Title of Key Result here]

[Title of Sub-Goal here]

Best Practice: Organization Mission Statement

🤝🏾 MISSION: [Mission statement here]

Goals page screenshot
Mission statement

Best Practice: Entering Goals

In Closing



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