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Designing the future of work

A brief intro to the Asana design team

Tyson Kallberg
Aug 14, 2018 · 1 min read

Asana has a bold, audacious mission: we want to make teamwork effortless, smart, and beautiful for every team. Our design team of brand, and product designers are at the heart of that mission. We engage with our customers from their first ad, to their thousandth task. The future of work is coming, and there’s a ton of exciting challenges ahead of us.

So what are we doing on Medium? Being a designer means showing your work, and putting yourself on display. Expect to read about our successes, and the (sometimes tough) lessons we’ve learned from our failures. We’ll talk about what we’re building, but also how we’re building it — touching on topics like career growth, and feedback.

You can keep up with us on instagram, dribbble, twitter, and here on medium. And, you guessed it: we’re hiring. Learn more about what current Asanas have to say about working here, and take a look at our open roles.


Asana Design

Stories and lessons learned from the Asana Design team

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