[Asana] A palette of possibilities

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If you are lucky enough to be a Premium Asana user, then you have access to the most powerful feature of all: Custom Fields. When asked about their favorite feature in Asana, almost all of the Community members answered the same thing: Custom Fields.

A Custom Field is an “extra field” that you can attach to any task in a given project. For example, if you are managing business proposals in Asana, you can create a custom field to store the proposal’s value and note down which stage the proposal is in. You can then use this custom field to filter or sort through your list of proposals, use it in a search etc.

Information that you write within the task title, its description, and tags can now be organized in a clear and distinctive way. Custom Fields is a major topic that is discussed in several Community threads and in the Asana Guide!

Bonus advice: If your company has a Premium Asana account, you might want to consider dealing with your personal tasks within the organization so that you can access Custom Fields for your own use.