[Asana] Bottom-up, and repeat #task #clean

I have been perfecting my Asana processes month after month, with my organizational skills improving by leaps and bounds. I kept only the easy tasks in My Tasks, reviewed those tasks in Later on a regular basis, and made full use of the Asana Inbox. After some time, I realized that I would apply the same approach when dealing with tasks in My Tasks every morning and several times a day.

Under My Tasks, I would always start at the bottom of the list and gradually move my way up. I first begin with the tasks in Upcoming, where I try to figure out if there is anything I can do to make those tasks move forward more easily with minimal effort. In addition, I have the option of moving a task to Today or pushing it to Later with a due date. Next, I review the tasks in Today. I also try to see if there are any tasks that I can complete quickly, or move some to Upcoming or Later. Then comes the unsorted tasks in New Tasks. To ensure that no tasks are left in this section, I need to make smart decisions for each and every of them: Do I move them to Today, Upcoming, or Later, do them right away, or delete them?

Once I am finally done, I can focus on any task in the Today section. A few hours later or the next morning, I start on this bottom-up scan again.

Bonus advice: I find this regular sorting of tasks to be a great exercise when it comes to evaluating what is important and what is not. My Tasks should always be evolving, as our priorities are constantly changing with time. This approach also allows you to review your upcoming tasks regularly and helps to prevent you from drowning in the day-to-day business that is happening in Today.