[Asana] The true goal #email #inbox

Now that you have switched to the Asana Inbox, there is no longer any need to use your email inbox as a to-do list. We have all been there, keeping emails in our inboxes to remind ourselves of the things we need to do (and using post-its in the bat cave so that we remember to buy milk). But when you have already decided to manage all your tasks in one place, why do you still keep “some things” managed elsewhere? How can you, in this situation, prioritize tasks that are stored in two or more places?

That is unless you can answer an email within the day, forward it to x@mail.asana.com using your Asana account address, and archive the email. Since a task has been created for this email, you can now prioritize the task, delete it if you want to, set a deadline for it etc. It will also be easy to dig up the email through its subject when there comes the need to answer it.

Seeing an empty inbox several times a day gives you a feeling of accomplishment which you don’t get very often. Let yourself indulge in the pleasure. Keeping your inbox to zero emails is the true goal.

Bonus advice: Keeping an email in your inbox to force yourself to respond does not necessarily work for everyone. What you should do instead is to create a task about it, add a due date, and send it to Later. When the task comes back, evaluate it. When you get tired of constantly procrastinating or bringing it up, then maybe will you finally decide to complete or delete it.