[Asana] When sh*t hits the fan

Everything can turn to sh*t, fall apart, and burst into flames… choose your metaphor, but whatever it is, you are in trouble. Your Asana Inbox is beyond full, you have tasks all over the place, and you feel helpless not knowing what to do or where to start. Maybe you just came back from a holiday, or it was a series of bad days, and things started piling up. How do you get back on your feet? Don’t fret. Just apply everything we have seen and learned before, and you will be fine.

Go through your My Tasks section from bottom to top once and consider each task quickly. Ask yourself: “Can I do it now very quickly?” Do it. “Do I really need to do this at any point?” Delete it. “Do I really have to do it today?” Move the task to Today. “Should I do it soon?” Move the task to Upcoming. “Can I do it later? “Send the task to Later with a due date. “Can someone else do it?” Assign it.

Once you have done this overview, take a step back and look at My Tasks. Is it clear enough? Do you know what action to perform or what to do next? Do you feel relieved? If not, let’s go for another round. Do, move, delete, assign. And again until you feel better.

If you are unable to declutter your Upcoming section, you can consider organizing it using sections or tags for prioritization purposes. For example, a simple yet effective way to organize things is to categorize them accordingly into: “Urgent and Important”, “not Urgent but Important”, “Urgent but not Important”, “not Urgent and not Important”, and focus on the first two first.

Bonus advice: Instead of clearing My Tasks, you can simply create a new project. Then, select all the tasks in My Tasks, use multi-homing to add them to the new project in addition to their existing project, and push everything to Later. You get a clean My Tasks and can start to populate it again with tasks from the project. You can also keep the project for a while and take a few hours or days to clear it.