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The goal of Asana is to get rid of email and our dependence on it. Asana talks about collaborative work, getting tasks done efficiently, making progress and so on, but this has all along been about emails. They are not ready to get rid of email just yet. So when you sign in to Asana for the first time, keep your email notifications turned on. This allows you to get nice emails in your inbox that will remind you to visit Asana and check out vital tasks.

Asana truly changed my life. From the minute I went all in with Asana, I was able to complete more work than I ever had. I felt lighter and even my focus was sharper. Emails were holding me back. Asana’s email notifications were holding me back.

Take a leap of faith and go all in. Go to your Asana Inbox and disable email notifications (if you need courage, put your cape on). Keep Asana open all day, every day. Your morning routine will become “drink a coffee while checking my Asana Inbox”.

Why is the Asana Inbox better than an email inbox? Well, Asana understands the context, knows what happened, and is able to group information together. If a task gets created, a comment has been made, and the task has been completed, all while you were sleeping, you get one compact notification in your Asana Inbox instead of three email notifications. And with just one click in your Asana Inbox, you can swiftly go to the task and interact with it.

Bonus advice: you can keep the email notifications turned on for a while. But trust me, you will eventually reach a point where you get flooded when using Asana. And I am warning you: do not blame Asana for sending you all those emails! Move to the Asana Inbox instead.