[Asana] Your personal Alfred the Butler

Now that we have agreed on transforming you into a superhero, you need your own butler, just like how Batman has Alfred. And I think Asana can be a great butler. However, I need to be honest with you: While this kind of butler won’t do your cooking or cleaning, it can remind you of important things.

Let’s say you are in a meeting with your Robin (it can be your husband, wife, or business partner) and you need to be reminded of an extremely important task in a month. Batman would probably ask Alfred to remind him. You’ve got Asana for this.

Create a task, assign it to yourself and set a due date that is a month from now. Remember the last but most important step: push the task to Later in Asana by using the shortcut Tab + L. Voilà! The task is now stored in Alfred’s brain, hidden in Asana’s Later section under My Tasks. Seven days before the deadline, a notification will remind you of the task, which will then appear in the Upcoming section of My Tasks. Push it again to Later. On the due date, the task will make its way to the Today section of My Tasks, along with a notification. Gotham needs you, go!

Push everything you can to the Later section to keep a clear mind. Don’t burden or overwhelm yourself with too many things to remember. Do you need to be reminded of something “later”? Create a task for it and add a due date that is in a week or a month, then push it to Later. When it comes back, evaluate the task and bring it forward again with a new due date if needed.

Bonus advice: create a recurring monthly task called “Review tasks in Later” to ensure that you do not lose track or leave out any tasks. Beware and note that the Later section could also be where tasks go to die (such as if you push it there but forget to add a due date or do not assign it to yourself).