[Asana] Better than a bat signal

Whenever Lieutenant James Gordon needs to talk to Batman, he lights up a bat signal in the sky and waits. I have always wondered what would happen if Bruce Wayne was on a business trip across the globe. How long would James wait?

Anyway, a bat signal is not a very efficient means of communication. If you need someone to send information over to your Asana directly, you can use forms!

Let’s say that you are the only Asana user in your company and you need each head of department to send over a status report by answering a few questions. Instead of collecting their answers via email, you can setup a Wufoo form and connect it to an Asana project of yours. Your colleagues won’t see beyond the form and will have no idea that it is connected to your Asana account. Besides receiving the answers you need directly in Asana, you can even show the results to coworkers and convince them to switch to Asana!

As we have seen before, if your colleagues use other solutions (e.g. Trello, Wrike etc), you can use Unito or Zapier to bridge them with Asana.

Bonus advice: this solution with forms can be applied in many situations, especially when you need to ask several people a list of questions.